Pros And Cons Of The Slumber Solutions 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The benefits of using a memory foam mattress are numerous and well-known by now. Now the problem isn’t whether you should buy one or not, but which mattress you should go for. There’s a lot of choices these days. It can be hard to pick one. The Slumber Solutions 12 inch queen size mattress is one of the best cool gel memory foam mattresses of 2016 for anyone looking to upgrade their mattress.

3 Benefits Of The Slumber Solutions Gel Memory Foam Mattress

1. One good thing about this mattress is that you can choose the comfort of it yourself. Most mattresses are either soft, firm, or some combination thereof. You might find the right mattress but it’s not the right firmness level for you. That’s not the case here as how firm or soft the mattress is left up to you.

2. The memory foam mattress uses memory foam to do a number of things. One of the main benefits of using a memory foam mattress is relieving pressure from your joints such as the neck, back, and hips. Relieving pressure like this helps remove aches and pains from your body. Memory foam mattresses are often recommended to people going through therapy or with chronic pain. This also cuts down on the amount of tossing and turning. The main reason people do that is to relieve the pressure on their own.

3. The Slumber solution mattress has almost zero motion transfer. All this pressure relieving also means that the transferral of motion is practically eliminated with a memory foam mattress. Even if you still move around on the mattress anyone sharing the mattress with you won’t feel it and be disturbed by it. It’s an ideal choice for couples where one, or both, of you move in your sleep a lot.

Any Drawbacks On The Queen Memory Foam Mattress?

There are hardly any drawbacks of this high-quality cool gel foam mattress. The memory foam mattress has three layers of memory foam and the makeup of the mattress depends on which level of comfort you opt for. The first layer will be either plush gel memory foam, medium gel memory foam, or firm gel memory foam. The middle layer also depends on the firmness level. It’s either 3 inches of plush polyurethane, medium polyurethane, or firm polyurethane. Finally there is a six inch thick base layer of foam.

This mattress can be used with any box spring or platform foundation and meets all the safety and flammability standards of the United States. It’s shipped in a vacuum sealed package that requires you to let the mattress expand over a few days. Also allow a day or so for any trapped odors to dissipate.

Natural Supplements

CoQ10 Lotion And What You Need To Know About Its Benefits

You probably heard and saw a lot of commercials on TV about creams that contain coenzyme q10. But what is this coenzyme and why is it so highly touted by so many skincare companies out there? Well, coq10 is basically a special enzyme that’s produced by your body in order to help with a wide range of bodily functions. The thing is that when your body isn’t able to produce the right amount of coenzyme q10, that’s when trouble starts.

CoQ10 Supplements And Their Benefits

If you plan on getting coq10 supplements from websites such as, you should know after taking them you’re going to not only improve your cardiovascular system, but also your heart health. These supplements are easily absorbed by your system and given the fact that they are made in the US and with 100 percent natural ingredients, you won’t need to worry about experiencing any type of symptoms after taking them. However, since there are no studies on how it affects breastfeeding or pregnant women, you should refrain from taking them if you fall into this category.

Supporting Research

There are many claims out there regarding the benefits of coenzyme q10 treatment. For instance, based on information from several authority websites on the internet, coq10 creams can help smoothen the wrinkles around the eyes in just a few weeks of use.


If you plan on buying coq10 supplements, then there are quite a few things you need to bear in mind. First of all, since they are so popular, there are currently many shady sellers on the internet who will sell you fake supplements for a lower price and trick you into believing they are genuine. That is why when you want to get your very own supplements, always get them from trusted sellers. This way, you’ll avoid wasting your money and even endangering your health.

Great Sources Of CoQ10

If you also want to improve your intake of coenzyme q10, then you should know that you can find it in foods such as poultry, fish, meat, seeds and also nuts. However, you can easily coq10 from oils such as canola oil. In a single spoon of canola oil are one point three milligrams of coenzyme q10. When you think about the fact that the daily intake ranges between 3 to six mg, it’s easy to imagine just how easily you could get your daily dose from 3 tbsp of canola oil.


How To Define Coral Reef Systems And Finding Out About Their Role In Nature

If you were asked to define coral reef systems and you have no idea what they actually are other that they display beautiful colors and that many fish live there, then here are some of the most important things about corals you didn’t know.

What exactly is a coral reef?

A coral reef is a structure formed by coral colonies. Coral colonies are actually structures which are formed by many coral polyps living together. A coral polyp is a tiny invertebrate that is closely related to jellyfish. These polyps are tiny creatures that usually less than half a centimeter in diameter. These polyps excrete calcium carbonate in order to build a hard exoskeleton which protects them from predators, extreme wave actions and other factors that could damage them (define of coral reef

But corals aren’t just formed by coral polyps, as these need food to survive, and they mostly live in nutrient poor environments. They live in a symbiotic relationship with tiny algae that are called zooxanthellae. These live within the polyps’ tissue and they absorb sunlight in order to create nutrients via photosynthesis. That is how polyps gain their food and algae protection as well as other benefits. In time, polyps from lower levels in the colony will move upwards, leaving the bare exoskeletons. In thousands of years, coral reefs are formed. These continue to grow and grow into huge structures that span over tens of kilometers and which can harbor countless species of plants and animals.

Why are coral reefs so important?

Coral reefs aren’t as abundant as you might think. They cover just about 0.1 percent of the world’s ocean. However, they are the place more than 25 percent of the marine life forms call home. There are thousands of species of fish, many of which are endemic to coral reefs, living here. There are also sea snakes, turtles and other vertebrates that thrive in the ecosystem which the coral reefs have created. So coral reefs are complex structures that create rich ecosystems.

Climate change has led to the rising water temperatures, and corals are highly sensitive to temperature changes. Many living coral polyps are leaving the colony or dying, leaving bare white exoskeletons in a process known as coral bleaching. That is why, besides learning to define coral reef systems, you also need to understand that they are under threat, so that, one day, you will be able to contribute to protecting them for future generations.